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José Manuel Correa led the regional office of Endeavor Atacama since its inception in 2011.

José Manuel Correa

Santiago, July 5th, 2018 After an exhaustive selection process, the Board of Directors of Endeavor Chile announced José Manuel Correa as the new Managing Director. José Manuel, a business major with post-graduate studies in Business Excellence at Columbia University, joined Endeavor in 2011 with the mission to expand operations in the northern city of Antofagasta and establish Endeavor Atacama.

As head of Endeavor Atacama, Correa strengthened the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the area and built a solid network of mentors and local entrepreneurs, whose companies operate in Chile and abroad.

The President of Endeavor Chile, Christoph Schiess, sustained that “our new Managing Director has been part of Endeavor for more than seven years and the values of the organization are part of his DNA, which has allowed us to be the leading provider of support to high impact entrepreneurs and inspire thousands of entrepreneurs to follow this path.”

Endeavor is present in 28 countries and the organization’s mission is to catalyze economic growth and job creation by supporting local, innovative entrepreneurs. José Manuel Correa is now charged with the task of leading Endeavor Chile, which this year is celebrating 20 years of operation and has set out four clear goals for the future to continue strengthening growth and entrepreneurship in the country: internationalization, digital transformation, financing, and business ethics.

“Endeavor has been a place of tremendous inspiration and constant learning. The hallmark of the challenges that we have before us will be to invite and incentivize entrepreneurs to think big, to cross borders, and demonstrate to the world that Chile can do amazing things,” says José Manuel.

For Correa, continuing to work closely with other public and private actors in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Chile is paramount. “Chile has public policy that invests in entrepreneurship, but our country still needs more success stories and more innovative entrepreneurs who are capable of transforming industries and realities. At Endeavor we want to drive entrepreneurs to reach for the stars because the tools and the talent are there.”

José Manuel Correa studied business at the Universidad Católica del Norte and completed the post-graduate program “Entrepreneurship Executive Program” at Columbia Business School. In 2015 he co-founded and served as a director of Fundación Mi Norte, an organization dedicated to supporting new entrepreneurial ventures in the region of Atacama. Since 2011, José Manuel has been the director of Endeavor Atacama.