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Mensaje de fin de Año de Linda Rottenberg

Endeavor was launched 20 years ago with an unfailing belief that we could change the course of economic development by providing essential support for high-impact entrepreneurs in emerging and growth markets. Our goal was—and remains—not to do this alone but to create a powerful network of board members, mentors and Endeavor Entrepreneurs who would share this vision and make it their own.

Reflecting on this year, I’m amazed by how far we’ve come:

  • We selected our 1000th company at the final ISP of the year in Miami. Endeavor now supports 1,600 entrepreneurs! Endeavor Entrepreneurs have created more than 700,000 jobs.
  • We’ll close Endeavor Catalyst II LP at year-end, our pioneering, rules-based investment fund with over $85 million in commitments! Together, Endeavor Catalyst I and II have invested in 97 Endeavor Entrepreneurs leading 63 companies across 19 countries.
  • In May, Endeavor Entrepreneurs from around the world gathered in Half Moon Bay, California, for the Endeavor Entrepreneur Retreat, where Endeavor Catalyst founding investor and Endeavor Board Member Reid Hoffman sat down with me for a fireside chat to talk about why he believes in entrepreneurship and is a firm backer of Endeavor.
  • I was also honored to be featured on Reid’s hit podcast Masters of Scaleto share what it takes to build thriving entrepreneurship ecosystems outside Silicon Valley, and why Endeavor Entrepreneurs are leading the way.
  • And we celebrated an unforgettable 20th Anniversary Gala, which honored General Atlantic CEO William E. Ford, told our entrepreneurs’ stories, and saluted our journey together over the past two decades. Check out some of the video highlights from the event:
  1. My remarks
  2. A celebration of Endeavor’s growth across the world
  3. The story of Endeavor’s journey.

We truly could not have made it to our 20th Anniversary without you, our entrepreneurs. Your passion and commitment is what guides Endeavor’s vision and paves the way for other high-impact entrepreneurs to take risks, follow their dreams, and ultimately, like yourselves, transform cities and countries.

We have so much to celebrate—but our work is nowhere near finished! I’m looking forward to a new year—and another 20 years!—of supporting high-impact entrepreneurs and cheering on their accomplishments! Happy New Year!

Onward and Upward!

Linda Rottenberg, CEO and Co-founder Endeavor.