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In light of the commemoration of International Women’s Day, we highlight three Endeavor entrepreneurs who have stood out for their experience, ability, motivation, and great achievements.


Karina Von Baer

Karina Von Baer

Karina Von Baer, founder of Empresas Agrotop, has been part of the Endeavor Network since 2006 and was the first entrepreneur in our office in Patagonia. Currently, her holding company has more than 250 direct collaborators and works with more than 800 farmers over 50,000 hectares in the south of Chile, exporting their grains from Southern Chile to more than 17 countries.

“I believe that female entrepreneurship is a constant challenge, and not only for me but for every woman who works, since it means finding a balance between your professional and family roles, which is challenging to achieve,” she said.

Given her long career in the field, Karina has gone through ups and downs with her company, but as she said, it is part of the essence of entrepreneurship to constantly face problems and find solutions: “There are always those who tell you that you cannot, but you as an entrepreneur always know that you can in some way, “she added.

For her, “the most entertaining thing of being an entrepreneur is that in the end, we own our time, that regardless of the size of the undertaking, it allows you to have the opportunity to better balance the different roles we have to fulfill.”



Pamela Chávez, founder of Aguamarina, has been part of the Endeavor Network since 2010 and was the first Entrepreneur at our office in Atacama. In 2015, she obtained the Avonni El Sol National Innovation Award, which recognizes her as one of the most significant innovation leaders in the north of our country, distinguishing her as one of the few women dedicated to the development of mining technology.

Pamela Chávez

Pamela Chávez

“It is not the fact that being a woman is complex, it is difficult to innovate and develop technology in mining, only a few have achieved it and even fewer women,” she said.

Currently, she works with companies such as Fundación Minera Escondida, the Association of Biotechnology Companies (ASEMBIO), the Association of Entrepreneurs of Chile (ASECH) and the National Council for Innovation for Development (UNID). In addition, she manages her company, which develops technologies for mining optimizing processes and ensuring the mitigation of soils and waters of northern Chile.

“This year we will consolidate growth in Chile with the first Industrial Biotechnology Company focused on the mining industry. Apart from this, we want to grow in Australia with the help of Endeavor and Endeavor Catalyst, “said Pamela.

Faced with the gender difference within companies, the entrepreneur notes that “discrimination is an absurd barrier that reflects a lot of ignorance. Let’s not put ourselves at that height, “advising other women who want to start their own businesses to look for strategies to overcome difficulties and focus on what is really important.



Paula Valverde leads Limonada, a children’s clothing store, that currently has more than 70 stores all over Chile and presence on Amazon, in the US and México. Paula is part of the Network since 2011. In 2018 she became an Endeavor Board Member.

Paula Valverde

Paula Valverde

“Being an Endeavor entrepreneur makes me proud, it has meant a constant source of motivation, a boost of encouragement in times of discouragement, uplifting words in difficult times, advice in times of doubt, companionship at all times,” she expressed

For Paula, the biggest challenge to undertake has been motherhood, because achieving both things with an excellent result is difficult, one area has to be continuously sacrificed and minimizing the costs of sacrifice is a titanic task.

Regarding female entrepreneurship and the role that women must fulfill each day, the entrepreneur notes that “(…) in these years I have seen the courage and the potential we possess.

Women that are able to lead their homes and educate their children are real fighters, perseverant and productive. Qualities that are of great potential for successful entrepreneurship. We need to encourage women to dare starting their own businesses and making things happen.